How The Traditional Estimation Methods Shifted To Civil Estimating Software?

A civil estimating software is the kind of the construction cost estimating software which is developed to provide an estimation of the cost for certain kind of the projects based on number of parameters. This is usually done to bid the right price for the project and this is how the contracts are given to certain contractors if their bids are reasonable for the client. Therefore, it is important for the estimators to estimate everything accurately to get the contract and the project. What methods were used before the civil estimation?

Traditional methods:

In the past, every company had the civil estimators who would perform the work manually, these included the costs of all the materials, components, equipment, labour and other products which will be used in the project. These were the direct costs but the total estimation also needed to estimate the indirect costs which will be spent. Manual calculation of all these were very time consuming and still there was a huge possibility of errors. If you are looking for a good software you can see this page in such details.

Excel spreadsheets:

After sometimes when the spreadsheets were introduced, the task of the cost estimators were simplified a little. They used these sheets to organize the data and saved these along with the description and then these spreadsheets also provided number of formulas which could be applied on the data. The tabular formats and introduction of various graphs also helped the cost estimators. Although these spreadsheets still were not enough to increase the productivity and maximize the profitability as the data started to increase and became even more complex. The spreadsheets needed the cost estimator to manual enter the data which was again time consuming and there could be errors in data entry and if the data which is inputted is wrong then the output will also be wrong.

Cost estimation software:

Spreadsheets could not work well when the amount of data increased and the data operations became complex therefore, the cost estimation software came into existence which overcame these problems by introducing many features such as inputs in the form of the spreadsheets and the pdf which means that user does not have to manually enter the data but the software could separate it. Not only this, but the estimators not needed to find out the costs of each materials because this information was present in the database of the cost estimation software. These are mostly used in the civil engineering projects and are called the civil estimation software. Over the passage of the time, these features became more and more advanced and number of other kind of the civil estimation software were also developed.